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BICYCLE ACTIVISM:  Latvian activists from a branch of the bicycle advocacy group Let’s Bike it recently created a visual reminder of the space taken by cars on a typical road. To this end, the group fabricated bamboo skeletons shaped like actual cars and mounted them on their bikes. The activists then cycled around the streets of Riga for several hours to highlight the absurdity of using a large car to move a single person. The stunt was organized as part of European Mobility Week, an ongoing campaign that explores sustainable urban mobility around Europe.

Source:  Christopher Jobson, ”Cycling Activists Build Bamboo Car Skeletons to Demonstrate Space Taken by Single Occupancy Cars,” Colossal, 

Simple yet clear. Go by bike!

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#this is cool but I still hate people who bike in the road 
Anonymous asked: how can you call yourself a feminist but then drool over a boy?



babe i can fight the patriarchy and ride a dick those things are not mutually exclusive

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"you’re obsessed with your mental illness"

i know right? it’s almost like it impacts every part of my life

"it’s all in your head"

I know right? it’s almost like it’s a mental illness

"why do you let it affect you and stop you from being able to do things?"

I know right? It’s almost like it’s an ACTUAL ILLNESS

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The Poster Art of Zoltron" at Peoples Art of Portland.

His true identity unrevealed, Zoltron is best known for his poster art, street art, and the co-creation of his two children. Zoltron currently curates the ongoing Primus Poster Series and continues to work with lots of bands, some of which include The Black Keys, Die Antwoord, Soundgarden, Devo, PJ Harvey,, Alice in Chains, The Residents, Faith No More, The Melvins and most importantly Neil Hamburger among others.  These will all be on display in Zoltron’s upcoming solo show “The Poster Art of Zoltron" which opens Saturday, October 18th at The Peoples Art of Portland Gallery in Portland, Oregon.  You can see more work from the show below:

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Experiment and create fun floral hairdos with the WIG Creative Vase, designed by Tania da Cruz.

I want

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Street Artist : Xavi Panneton


Street Artist : Xavi Panneton

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The art of lying when people are looking right at you

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